Python Regular Expressions -What are regular expressions? match Function, search Function, Matching vs searching, Search and Replace, Extended Regular ExpressionsWildcard.

Python Multithreaded Programming - What is multithreading? Difference between a Process and Thread, Concurrent Programming and GIL, Uses of Thread, Starting a New Thread, The Threading Module, Thread Synchronization. Locks, Semaphore, Deadlock of Threads Avoiding Deadlocks, Daemon Threads.

Python Image Processing - Introduction to digital image processing, Basic operations on an image, Crop, Scale, Rotate, Flip, Changing contrast, brightness and color, Edge detection, blur, sharpening

Data Visualization - Introduction to Matplotlib, Scatter plot, Line plot, Bar Chart, Histogram, Box plot.

Python For Data Analysis - Introduction to numpy, Creating arrays, Using arrays and Scalars, Indexing Arrays, Array Transposition, Universal Array Function, Array Processing, Array Input and Output, Introduction to Pandas.

Django Web Framework in Python- Django Overview, Django Installation, Introduction to MVC and MVT architecture in Web development, Creating Project, Django folder structure and flow of control, Usage of project in depth discussion, Creating an application, HTML templates, Creating a Hello World page, Dynamic template data, Implementing Bootstrap, Database and Views, Static Files and Forms, API and Security, Using database filters in views, Setting up the admin site, Template Inheritance, Post images, Multilevel templates, Using JSON module in Django, Using AJAX.
Creating major projects like e-commerce sites, blogging sites, etc., Integrating Payment gateway in Django websites, Web Hosting- Hosting Django projects on the web.

Introduction to Machine Learning - Mean, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation, Percentile, Data Distribution, Scatter Plot, Linear Regression, Multiple Regression, Polynomial Regression, Scale, Decision Tree, Hierarchical Clustering, Logistic Regression, Grid Search, K-means, Categorical data, Bootstrap Aggregation.