Introduction - Introduction to AngularJS, MVC Architecture, Conceptual Overview, setting up the Environment, First Application, Understanding ng attributes

Expressions and Data Biding - Number and String Expressions, Object Binding and Expressions, Working with Arrays, Forgiving Behavior, Understanding Data binding

Working with Directives - Conditional Directives, Styles Directives, Mouse and Keyboard Events Directives

Controllers - Understanding Controllers, Programming Controllers & scope object, Adding Behavior to a Scope Object, Passing Parameters to the Methods, Having Array as members in Controller Scope, Nested Controllers and Scope Inheritance, Multiple Controllers and their scopes

Filters - Built-In Filters, Uppercase and Lowercase Filters, Currency and Number Formatting Filters, Order by Filter, Filter, Creating Custom Filter

Forms - Using Simple Form, Working with Select and Options, Input Validations, Using CSS classes, Form Events, Custom Model update triggers, Custom Validations

Modules - Why Module? Module Loading and Dependencies, Recommended Setup of Application, Creation vs Retrieval

Services - Understanding Services, Developing Creating Services, Using a Service, Injecting Dependencies in a Service

Ajax in AngularJS -&http Service, &q Service, Ajax Impl using $http and $q Service

Services and DI –Overview of the built-in AngularJS services, using angular's $http and $resource services, Promises, Service registration and injection, using services to build a service, Injecting services

Data Binding -Wiring up a controller, Binding, Iteration, Filters, Forms binding and validation

Directives – Introduction, Directive name matching, creating custom directives, Restricting Directive Usage, Template expanding directive, compile and link functions, Isolate Scope, DOM interactions, Demo of built-in directives and custom directives