Taking the AutoCAD Tour - Navigating the Working Environment, Working with Files, Displaying Objects

Creating Basic Drawings- Inputting Data, Creating Basic Objects, Using Object Snaps, Using Polar Tracking and Polar Snap, Using Object Snap Tracking, Working with Units Using Function Keys

Manipulating Objects - Selecting Objects in the Drawing, Changing an Object’s Position, Creating New Objects from Existing Objects, Changing the Angle of an Object’s Position, creating a Mirror Image of Existing Objects, Creating Object Patterns, Changing an Object’s Size

Drawing Organization and Inquiry Commands - Using Layers, Changing Object Properties, Matching Object Properties, Using the Properties Palette, Using Line types, Using Inquiry Commands

Altering Objects - Trimming and Extending Objects to Defined Boundaries, Creating Parallel and Offset Geometry, Joining Objects, Breaking an Object into Two Objects, applying a Radius Corner to Two Objects, Creating an Angled Corner Between Two Objects, Changing Part of an Object’s Shape, Using Grips

Annotating Drawings - Creating Multiline Text, Creating Single Line Text, Using Text Styles, Editing Text

Hatching Object - Hatching Objects, Editing Hatch Objects, Hatch Command, Hatch Editor Ribbon Tab, Saving and Applying Hatches with Tool Palettes

Dimensioning - Content center library, configuring content center libraries, Authoring tube & pipe parts, Publishing to content center, create styles using published parts, Placing tube & pipe parts

Working with Reusable Content - Using Blocks, Working with Design Center™, Using Tool Palettes

AutoCAD 3D Drawing and Modelling- 3D Foundations,why use 3D?, Introduction to the 3D Modeling Workspace, Basic 3D Viewing Tools, 3D Navigation Tools, Introduction to the User Coordinate System

Creating Additional Drawing Objects - Working with Polylines, Creating Splines, Creating Ellipses, Using Tables

Layouts and Plotting - Using Layouts, Using Page Setups, Using Viewports, Plotting Drawings

Working Drawings from 3D Models - Creating Multiple Viewports, 2D Views from 3D Solids

Layers- Create layers, edit layers properties Layer control (hide, freeze, lock Layout lock, print lock)

Properties Tools - Property: color, line type Line weight, show icon Match properties GROUP: New group, Edit group Active and inactive group

Wire Frame Modeling - Absolute input method, relative Input method

Constraints Geometric Constraint -Coincident, parallel, tangent Collinear, midpoint, smooth Concentric, Horizontal, symmetric Lock, Vertical, Equal, Show and hide constraints DIMENSION CONSTRAINT Linear, aligned, Radius, diameter Angle, show and hide dim constraints Delete constraints, parameters

Annotations Dimensions -dimension setting Linear dimension, aligned dimension Angular dimensions, arc length, Radius Diameter, ordinates, jogged Base line dimension, Dim base Continuous dimension,Multileader -Multileader setting, create multileader Multileader edit, multileader align,Text - Text style, single text, multi text, Tables: Table style, create table Table Edit, text placement

Block and Attributes Block - create block (Block & write block) Insert block, block Editor Attributes: create attributes, Attributes mode setting, block Attributes, insert attributes, edit attributes Tool palettes, design Centre, add object to Tool Palettes and Design Centre, Insert object from Tool Palettes and Design Centre