Introduction - Importance of The Automation of An Industrial System, Basic Concepts: Plant, Control, Operator, Sensors, Drives, Open Loop Control, Closed Loop Control, Continuous Processes, Discrete Processes, Mixed Processes, Batch Processing. Unit

Arquitecture Of an Automation System - Functional and Physical Architecture of The Control ofa System. Automation Pyramid. Function of Each Level. Technological Elements of Each Level: Sensor Networks, Fieldbuses, Controllers (Plcs), Instrumentation, Drives, Robots, Plant Buses, Rtus, Local Area Networks and Control Centers. Osi Communications Model. Control Types: Centralized, Distributed. Real Time Control.

Methodologies for Discrete Processes Control - Classic Methods: Boolean’s Algebra, Grafcet And Gemma.

Wired Logic - Definitions. Simple Projects, Typical Devices Used. Sequential and Combinational Logic.

Plc Programming - Execution Models. Main Parts of a Plc, Ladder Diagram Language. Instruction Language. Functional Block Language. Structure Text Language. Introduction, Micro Plc, Programming A Plc, Logic Functions, Input & Output Modules, Plc Processors, Plc Instructions, Documenting A Plc System, Timer & Counter Instructions, Comparison & Data Handling Instructions, Sequencing Instructions, Mask Data Representation, Typical Plc Programming Exercises for Industrial Applications.

Industrial Communications - Network Types. Osi Model. Sensor Networks. Device Networks. Fieldbus Networks. Industrial Standards. Industrial Examples.

Iot In Automation Systems - Definitions. Models. Design Considerations. Architectures. Risk and Security.

Control Centers - Communication Systems,Supervision and Control Systems (Scada). Functions. Basic Models of Organization. Integration with Other Systems. Web Technology. Man/Machine Interface Design. Information Model.

Examples of Automation Systems - Case Study: Energy Systems, Industrial Plants, Intelligent Management of Buildings, Home Automation and Security Systems, Design Strategies and Implementation.

Reliability of An Automation System – Definitions, Architectures, Reliability Analysis. Sil Levels. Standardization, National Standards