C Programming Language

Introduction– definition of Programming Languages, Types of Languages, Evolution of 'C, Language Structure of a ‘C’, Program, ‘C’ Program development life cycle, Executing and Debugging a ‘C’ Program, History of 'C', A Simple C Program, Program execution phases

Tokens - Keywords and Identifiers, Operators, Constants, Variables Data Types, Precedence of Operators, Scope and Lifetime of Variables, comments, Const Qualifier

Control Statement and Expressions - Decision Making using if statement, Types of if …else block, Switch case Block, Arithmetic Expressions Evaluation of Expressions GOTO statement

Looping - Concept of Loop For loop, while loop, Jumping in Loop, break and continue statement

Operators and Expressions - Introduction to Operator, Expressions and Arithmetic Operators, Relational and Logical Operators, Bitwise Operators,Logical Operators, Assignment Operators, Conditional Operator, size of() Operator in C, Operator Precedence

Function in C Language - Function in C, Function Calling in C, return type in Function, Call by Value in C, User Define Function, Predefined Functions

Arrays and String - Introduction of Array, One - D Array,Two - D Array Multidimensional Array, Dynamic Arrays, Implementing String Variables String, handling Functions, Concept of Function User defined Function System, Defined Function Types of parameter passing in function,

Pointers - Need of Pointers, Types of Pointers, Pointer Expression Arrays of Pointers, Pointers and Functions

Structure and Unions - Need of Structure, Implementing Structure Variable, Arrays of Structure, Structure within Structure, Introduction of Unions, Difference between Structure and Unions

File Handling - Opening and Closing File, Input / Output operations on File, Random Access to Files, Command Line Arguments

Dynamic Memory Allocation - Concept of Dynamic Allocation, Implementing Malloc and Calloc Functions, Releasing the free space.

Recursion in c - Introduction to Recursion, Direct and Indirect Recursion

Storage Classes and Pre-processor - Introduction of Storage Class, Types of Storage Classes, Introduction of Pre-processor Macro Substitution, File InclusionPre-Processor Directives, Pre-Processor Directives, #define Macro, Conditional Compilation, Pre-defined Macros, #include and Header Files

C++ Programming Language

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming - Concept of OOP Features of OOP, Introduction of ‘C++’ Structure of ‘C++’ program, Executing and Debugging a ‘C++’ Program

'C++' Tokens and Type Casting - Keywords and Identifiers, Operators, Constants, Variables, Data Types, Precedence of Operators, Scope and Lifetime of Variables, Manipulators and uses, Basic Structure of a 'C++' program

Classes & Objects - Classes & Object Specifier, defining data members and member functions, Array of objects, managing console I/O, ‘C++’ stream classes, Formatted and unformatted console I/O, Usage of manipulators

Operators & Expressions - Operators in C++, Scope Resolution Operator, Member Dereferencing Operators, Memory Management Operators, Manipulators, Type Cast Operator, Expressions and Types of Expressions, Special Assignment Expressions, Implicit Conversions, Operator Overloading, Operator Precedence, Control Structures

Functions - Call by reference, Return by reference, Function overloading and default arguments, Inline function, Static class members, Friend functions, Virtual Functions

Constructors and Destructor - Concept of Constructor, Types of Constructors, Memory allocation (new and delete), Usage of destructor

Operator Overloading - Overloading Unary and Binary operators, Overloading using friend function, Type Conversion

Inheritance - Types of inheritance, Virtual base classes and abstract base classes, Constructor and destructor in derived class, Member classes

Working with files - File operations, File pointer and their manipulation, File updating with random access.

Exception Handling - Various Exception Handling classes, Implementing try and catch block, Use of throw keyword

Data Structures – Introduction, Single Linked List, Circular Linked List, Doubly Linked List, Stacks, Queues, Command line arguments, Namespace

Polymorphism – About polymorphism, Compile time and runtime polymorphism, Virtual functions, Pure virtual function and abstract base class, Difference between member Function, Overloading and Overriding, Object slicing, Constructor and virtual function, Virtual destructor, Destructor with virtual function,Pure Virtual Functions

File handling – Hierarchy of File Streams, using constructor method, using open and close member function method, Object as file stream reader and writer, both sequential and random file accessing mechanism, Different error handling mechanism in files

Input / Output in C++: Streams - Hierarchy of I/O Streams, Fundamental stream classes and objects, Standard input and output functions, Formatting flags and manipulators

Working with String - Different C string handling library, string handling using relational operator, Different string handling function