Introduction to Ethical Hacking -Information Security Overview, Information Security Threats and Attack Vectors, Penetration Testing Concepts, Ethical Hacking Concepts, Information Security Controls, Information Security Laws and Standards.

Footprinting and Reconnaissance - Footprinting Concepts, Information Gathering Methodology, Footprinting through Search Engines, Footprinting through Web Services, Footprinting through Social Networking Sites, Website Footprinting, Email Footprinting, DNS Footprinting.

Scannning Networks - Definition, Types, Objectives, Classification of Scanning Scanning Methodology, Hacking Tool, Countermeasures, Scanning Tools and Techniques, Scanning beyond IDS and Firewall.

Enumeration - Enumeration Concepts, NetBIOS Enumeration, SNMP Enumeration, LDAP Enumeration, NTP Enumeration, SMTP Enumeration and DNS Enumeration.

System Hacking - Administrator Password Guessing, Manual Password Cracking Algorithm, Automated Password Cracking, Password Types, Types of Password Attacks, Hacking Tools, Escalating Privileges, Hiding Files, Covering Tracks, Penetration Testing.

Malware Threats- Effect on Business, What is a Trojan? Overt and Covert Channels, Indications of a Trojan Attack,Malware Analysis, Reverse Engineering Trojans, Backdoor Countermeasures.

Sniffing - Definition of sniffing, How a Sniffer works? Passive Sniffing, Active Sniffing, Hacking Tools, Sniffing Countermeasures.

Denial of Service - What is Denial of Service? Goal of DoS (Denial of Service), Impact and Modes of Attack, DoS Attack Classification, Hacking Tools, Countermeasures for Reflected DoS, Tools for Detecting DDOS Attacks.

Social Engineering - What is Social Engineering? Art of Manipulation, Human Weakness, Common Types of Social Engineering, Human Based Impersonation.

Session Hijacking - Understanding Session Hijacking, Spoofing vs Hijacking, Steps in Session Hijacking, Types of Session Hijacking, Hacking Tools, Protection against Session Hijacking, Countermeasures: IP Security.

Hacking Web Servers - Popular Web Servers and Common Security Threats, Apache Vulnerability, Attack against IIS Console, Hacking Tools, Countermeasures, Increasing Web Server Security.

Hacking Web Applications - Web Application Hacking, Anatomy of an Attack, Web Application Threats, Carnivore, Google Hacking, Countermeasures.

SQL Injection - Attacking SQL Servers, SQL Server Resolution Service, Osql-L Probing, Port Scanning, SQL Server Talks, Preventive Measures.

Hacking Wireless Networks - Wireless Basics, Components of Wireless Network, Access Point Positioning, Rogue Access Points, Tools to Generate Rogue Access Points, Scanning Tools, Sniffing Tools, Securing Wireless Networks.

Hacking Mobile Platforms - Different OS in Mobile Phone, Different OS Structure in Mobile Phone, Evolution of Mobile Threat, What Can A Hacker Do, Vulnerabilities in Different Mobile Phones, Malware, Hacking Android OS, Hacking iOS, Mobile Spyware, Security Tools, Defending Cell Phones and PDAs Against Attack, Mobile Phone Security Tips.

IoT Hacking - IoT Concepts, IoT Attacks, IoT Hacking Methodology, IoT Hacking Tools, Countermeasures.

Cloud Computing - Cloud Computing Concepts, Cloud Computing Threats, Cloud Computing Attacks, Cloud Security, Cloud Security Tools.

Cryptography - Cryptography Concepts, Encryption Algorithms, Cryptography Tools, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Email Encryption, Disk Encryption, Cryptanalysis, Countermeasures.