Core java - Introduction Programming language Types and Paradigms, Computer Programming Hierarchy, How Computer Architecture Affects a Language?Why Java? , Flavors of Java, Java Designing Goal, Role of Java Programmer in Industry, Features of Java Language, JVM –The heart of Java, Java’s Magic Byte code.

Object Oriented Programming Concepts (OOPS) - Java Classes & Objects, Static Keywords, Constructors in Java, Java This Keyword, Inheritance in OOPS, Super Keyword in Java, Polymorphism in Java, Over Loading & Over Riding, Abstraction in OOPS Encapsulation, Abstract Classes, Interfaces

JDBC (Java Data Base Connection) – Introduction to JDBC, Databases and Drivers, Types of Driver, loading a driver class file, Establishing the Connection to different Database with different Driver, Executing SQL queries by Result Set, Statements, Prepared Statement interface, Using Callable Statement, Transaction Management & Batch Update, Problem Solving

RMI Communication Model – RMI Control Flow, Marshaling, Unmarshaling, Using RRL Implementing RIM, Analyzing Remote interface, Unicast Remote Object class, Running Different examples, Rmic, rmiregistry, etc, Using Examples, Problem Solving, Interview related Question and Answer.

Exception Handling- Introduction to Exceptions Effects of Exceptions, Exception Handling Mechanism, Try, catch, finally blocks, Rules of Exception Handling, Exception class Hierarchy, Checked & Unchecked Exception, Throw & throws keyword, Custom Exception Class, Chained Exception, Resource handling & multiple exception class

String Manipulations - String, String Buffer, String Tokenizer

Java Packages - Introduction to all predefined packages, User Defined Packages, Access Specifiers

Multi-threading - Thread Creations, Thread Life Cycle, Life Cycle Methods, Synchronization, Wait() method, notify() method, notify all() method

SWING(JFC) - Difference between AWT and Swing, Components hierarchy, Panes, Individual Swings components Jlabel, JButton, JTextField, JTextAres.

AWT – Components, Event-Delegation-Model, Listeners, Layouts, Individual components Label, Button, Checkbox, Radio Button, Choice, List, Menu, Text Field, Text Area

Multithreading – Introduction, Creating a Thread by inheriting, from Thread class, Run() and start() method, Constructor of Thread Class, Various Method of Thread Class, Runnable Interface Implementation, Thread Group, Thread States and Priorities , Synchronization method, Deadlock & its Prevention, Life Cycle of Thread

Applet Programming - The Web Component Development, Applet Basics, Applet Architecture, Parameters to Applet, Embedding Applets in Web page, Creating Applet applications

Spring - The Super Container of Java Objects, Lightweight and Heavyweight Containers, Inversion of Control, Spring Containers, Spring DAOs, Spring MVC, Spring Hibernate, Spring Struts, Struts-Spring-Hibernate

Hibernate - The Powerful ORM Library, Overview of ORM network, Installing and configuring Hibernate, Overview of Hibernate Framework, Basic CRUD Operations, Hibernate Annotations, Hibernate Query Language

JavaBeans Technology - Basic Concepts, Manifest file and JAR file, developing a JavaBeans, Implementing JavaBeans