Introduction to Node JS – Introduction, what is Node JS, Advantages of Node JS, Traditional Web Server Model, Node.js Process Model

Setup Dev Environment - Install Node.js on Windows, installing in mac os, Working in REPL, Node JS Console

Node JS Modules – Functions, Buffer, Module, Module Types, Core Modules, Local Modules, Module.Exports

Node Package Mananger - What is NPM, Installing Packages Locally, Adding dependency in package. JSon, installing packages globally, Updating packages

Creating Web server - Creating web server Deccansoft Software Services, Handling http requests, Sending requests

File System -Fs.readFile, writing a File, Writing a file asynchronously, Opening a file, Deleting a file, Other IO Operations

Debugging Node JS Application - Core Node JS debugger, Debugging with Visual Studio

Events - Event Emitter class, Returning event emitter, Inhering events

Express.JS - Configuring routes, Working with express

Serving Static Resources - Serving static files, Working with middle ware

Database connectivity - Connection string, Configuring, working with select command, updating records, Deleting records

Template Engines - Why Template Engine, what is Jade.