Getting Acquainted with Photoshop - Photoshop Environment, Palettes and the Palette Well, Creating Custom Workspaces, Opening Images, Using the File Browser, Image Magnification, Viewing Document Information, Moving the Image, Undoing Mistakes and The History Palette, Displaying Drawing Guides, Making Measurements, Adding Annotations, Setting Preferences

Adobe Bridge - Adobe Bridge Environment, Display Options, Compact Mode, Navigating, Opening & Placing Files, Searching for Files and Folders, Labeling and Rating Files, Sorting and Filtering Files, Copying, Moving and Deleting File, Stacking and Unsackling, Previewing Images and the Loupe Tool, Rotating Images, viewing a Slideshow, Viewing and Editing Metadata, Keywords, Mini Bridge

Basic Image Manipulation - Bitmap Images, Vector Images, Image Size and Resolution Settings, Scanning Images, Creating New Images, Placing Files

Color Basics - Color Modes and Models, Color Mode Conversion, Previewing Color Differences Between Operating Systems, Color Management, Foreground and Background Colors, Using the Color Picker, Selecting Colors with the Color Palette, Selecting Colors with the Eyedropper Tool, Selecting Colors with the Swatches Panel

Painting Tools - Painting Tools, Brush Tool, Blending Modes, Pencil Tool, Color Replacement Tool, Eraser Tool, Magic Eraser Tool, Background Eraser Tool, Using the Art History Brush, Using the History Brush, Using the Mixer Brush

Brush Settings - Using the Brushes Palette, Creating Custom Brush Tips by Selection, Creating Custom Brush Tips in the Brushes Palette, Setting Shape Dynamics, Setting Brush Scattering, Setting Brush Texture, Setting Dual Brushes, Setting Color Dynamics, Setting Other Dynamics, Miscellaneous Brush Settings, Clearing Brush Settings, saving a Customized Brush, Saving a Customized Brush Library

Making Selections - Selection Basics, Making Pixel Selections, Marquee Tools, Refining Edges of Selections, Lasso Tools, Magic Wand Tool, Quick Selection Tool, Selecting by Color Range, Adjusting Pixel Selections, Extract Command, Copying and Pasting Pixel Selections, Saving and Loading Selections

Filling and Stroking - Applying Fills, Using the Paint Bucket Tool, Using the Gradient Tool, Using the Gradient Editor, Using Patterns, Using the Pattern Maker, Stroking

Using Layers and Layer Groups/Sets - Creating Layers and Layer Groups/Sets, Stacking and Linking Layers, Moving Layer Content with the Move Tool, Locking Layer, Common Layer Management Tasks, Merging and Flattening Layers

Advanced Layers - Layer Styles, Adjustment Layers and Fill Layers, Adjustments Panel, Masking Layers, Masks Panel, Creating Clipping Groups, Creating Knockouts Smart Objects, Smart Filters

Text - Text Basics, Entering Text, Selecting Text, Editing the Bounding Box, Creating a Type Selection, Applying Effects to Type Layers, Using the Character Panel, Checking for Spelling Errors 11.9 Using the Paragraph Panel

Drawing - Raster vs. Vector, Shape Layers and Shape Options (CS6 & Later), Shape Layers and Shape Options, Using the Shape Tools, Using the Pen Tools, Using the Anchor Point Tools, Using the Paths Palette, Working with Paths

Using Channels and Masking- Using the Channels Palette, Using Channels, Spot Colors, Blending Channels and Layers, Masks, Using Alpha Channels, Manipulating Images,Changing the Canvas Size, Rotating and Flipping Images, Rotate View Tool, Cropping Images (CS6), Cropping Images (CS5-CS), Perspective Crop Tool, Slice Tools, Free Transform Command, Smudge Tool, Blurring and Sharpening Images, Using the Dodge Tool and the Burn Tool, Sponge Tool, Filters and Filter Gallery, Liquify Command, Vanishing Point, Content-Aware Scaling, Puppet Warp Tool, Clone Stamp Tool, Pattern Stamp Tool, The Healing Brush Tool, Spot Healing Brush Tool, Patch Tool, Content-Aware Move Tool, Red Eye Tool