HTML 5 - Introduction & History, Basic tags and attributes, New Elements, Input Types, Form Elements, Form Attributes, Canvas, SVG, Video, Audio, Creating tables

CSS - Introduction to CSS, Three ways to use CSS, CSS Properties, Designing website, working with Templates

Java Script - Introduction to JavaScript, Three ways to use JavaScript, Working with events,Client-side Validation

JQuery - Introduction to JQuery, Validation using JQuery, JQuery Forms, JQuery Examples

AJAX - Introduction to AJAX, PHP with AJAX, Working with database

Introduction to PHP - Evaluation of PHP, Basic Syntax, Defining variable and constant, PHP Data type, Operator and Expression

Handling Html Form With PHP - Capturing Form Data, Dealing with Multi-value filed. Generating File uploaded form, redirecting a form after submission

Decisions and loop - Making Decisions, Doing Repetitive task with looping, Mixing Decisions and looping with Html

Function - What is a function, Define a function, Call by value and Call by reference, Recursive function

String - Creating and accessing String, Searching & Replacing String, Formatting String, String Related Library function

Array - Anatomy of an Array, Creating index based and Associative array, Accessing array Element, Looping with Index based array, Looping with associative array using each() and for each(), Library function

Session and Cookie - Introduction to Session Control, Session Functionality What is a Cookie, Setting Cookies with PHP. Using Cookies with Sessions, Deleting Cookies, Registering Session variable, Destroying the variables and Session.

Working with file and Directories- Understanding file& directory, Opening and closing a file, Coping, renaming and deleting a file Working with directories, Building a text editor, File Uploading & Downloading

Database Connectivity with MySql- Introduction to RDBMS, Connection with MySql Database, Performing basic database, Operation(DML) (Insert, Delete, Update, Select), Setting query parameter, Executing query, Join (Cross joins, Inner joins, Outer Joins, Self joins.)

OOPS in PHP - Introduction, Objects, Declaring a class, The new keyword and constructor, Destructor, Access method and properties using $this variable, Public ,private, protected properties and methods, Static properties and method, Class constant, Inheritance & code reusability, Polymorphism, Parent:: & self:: keyword, Instance of operator, Abstract method and class, Interface.

CMS- WordPress - WordPress Introduction, Understanding and Using domain names, WordPress Hosting Options, Installing WordPress on a Dedicated Server, Understanding Directory Permissions

Basics of the WordPress User Interface - Understanding the WordPress Dashboard, Pages, Tags, Media and Content Administration, Core WordPress Settings

Finding and Using WordPress Plugins - Finding and Installing Plugins Quickly and Easily, Upgrading WordPress Plugins, Recommended WordPress Plugins

Working with WordPress Themes - Understanding the Structure of WordPress Themes, Finding Themes and Choosing the Right One, Installing and Configuring Themes, Editing and Customizing Themes, Using Theme Frameworks and Parent-Child Themes, Theme Best Practices

WordPress Content Management - Understanding Posts Versus Pages, Organizing Posts with Categories, Connecting Posts Together with Tags, Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies, Managing Lists of Links

Creating and Managing Content - Hands-On Training on the WordPress Editors, Hands-On Training on the New Image Editor

Exception Handling - Understanding Exception and error, Try, catch, throw. Error tracking and debugging.