Introduction of Web Designing - Basic principles involved in developing a web site, Planning process, Five Golden rules of web designing, Designing navigation bar, Page design, Home Page Layout, Design Concept.

HTML - What is HTML, HTML Documents, Basic structure of an HTML document, Creating an HTML document Heading-Paragraphs HTML Tags, Introduction to elements of HTML , Working with Text, Lists, Tables and Frames, Working with Hyperlinks, Images and Multimedia , Working with Forms and controls.

CSS - Introduction of Creating Style Sheet , CSS Properties , CSS Styling(Background, Text Format, Controlling Fonts) , Working with block elements and objects , Working with Lists and Tables, CSS Id and Class, Box Model(Introduction, Border properties, Padding Properties, Margin properties) ,CSS Advanced (Grouping, Dimension, Display, Positioning, Floating, Align, Pseudo class, Navigation Bar, Image Sprites, Attribute sector), Creating page Layout and Site Designs.

JavaScript- Introduction to Client Side Scripting, Introduction to Java Script, Types , Variables in JS, Operators, Conditions Statements, Loops, Popup Boxes , Events, Arrays, Working with Arrays, Objects, Functions, Using Java Script in Real-time, Validation of Forms, Related Examples

JQuery- Introduction to JQuery, Features, Installing , Syntax, Ready Function, Selectors, Actions, Plugins, Validation Plugins, Slideshow, Dropdown, JQuery UI Working with JQuery UI, Accordion, Tabs, Tooltips, Auto complete

Adobe Photoshop - Introduction of Stock Photography, Types of Image Graphics, Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Interface Tour of Photoshop, Color Modes, Resolution and Presets,Photoshop Tools, Layers, Groups and Smart Object, Blending Options, Filter Effects, Client requirement analysis, Real-time Website Layout Design, Practical Task in Layout Design

Adobe Dreamweaver - Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver Interface Basics, Defining a Dreamweaver site, Insert Toolbar, Common Tools, Layout Tools, Forms Tool, Spry Tools, Properties Panel, Using Snippets panel, Dreamweaver extensions, Template Design in DW , Editable and Non-Editable Regions, Defining the DWT for project, Creating sub pages for project.

Corel Draw - Corel Draw Layout Insert , Delete, Rename Page, Page Setup, Page Background, Working with Curves Tools of corel draw, Working with Shape & Object Drawing Rectangle, Drawing Circle, Drawing Polygon, Creating Star, Working with Basic shapes , Text & Line Formatting Text, Formatting Paragraph, Changing Shape of the Text, Working With Lines, Contouring the Object, Distorting Objects, Extruding of the Object, Applying Transparency, Effect Working with Bitmaps Converting Objects to Bitmap 3D Effect, Effects of corel draw, Objects of corel draw, Locking, Unlocking Object Shaping Object, Designing Visiting Cards, Boucher, Poster, Logo & Many More.

Adobe Illustrator - Introduction , Selecting Object, Creating and Editing, Transforming Object, Drawing and Painting Using Pen Tool, Working with Live Paint, Text , Object Working with Brushes, Symbol Creating SymbolsGraphics Styles Applying Photoshop Effects, Working with Graph Tool Column Graph, Blend Mesh, And Flare Tool, Creating layers, Moving objects and layers, Creating clipping masks, Merging layers, Working with Pathfinder & Shape Mode.

Responsive Web Design with Bootstrap - Introduction to Responsive Design, Mobile first design concepts, Common device dimensions, View-port tag, Using CSS media queries, Menu conversion script, Basic Custom Layout, Introduction to Bootstrap, Installation of Bootstrap, Grid System, Forms, Buttons, Icons Integration, Using CSS3 in Practical Layout

Adobe Flash - Introduction to Animation, Introduction to Adobe Flash, Tools in Adobe Flash, Shape Tween and Motion Tween, Frame Animation, Various Flash Effects , Creating Flash Banners , Creating Flash Intro’s , Creating Flash Website, Basics of Action Scripting.

Web Hosting - Web Hosting Basics, Types of Hosting Packages, registering domains, Defining Name Servers, Using Control Panel, Creating Emails in cPanel, Using FTP Client, Maintaining a Website